Chris Ritts - Experience. The Difference. 

Vote for Chris Ritts for Hennepin County Judge!

Chris Ritts has over 30 years of experience fighting for the rights of individuals in legal matters. Over the years, he has helped hundreds of people successfully solve their legal problems. This experience has shaped Chris into one of those very few attorneys that can, and has done it all.


Chris has advocated for all people as a private attorney. This experience has enabled Chris to gain a complete understanding of the judicial system, and allowed him to appreciate all legal arguments with no bias.


Chris has received the highest rating possible by his peers. Holding an "AV" attorney rating, Chris' experience and successes are demonstrated by the best rating of professional exellence an attorney can receive. 


Primary Election August 9, 2016

General Election November 8, 2016


Chris is also a certified American Arbitration Association Arbitrator, and has been for over 20 years. He has been resolving disputes between individuals, acting as a judge in binding arbitration.


Chris has a diverse range of experiences as a lawyer distinguishing him as an exceptional candidate for Hennepin County Judge.


Chris also devotes a significant amount of time to Pro Bono (for free) work, such as: wills, uncontested divorces and adoption, consumer debt, civil commitment, unemployment compensation, land lord tenant issues, and dog at large citations.

Chris has been endorsed for Judge by the former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice A.M. Keith:

A.M. "Sandy" Keith

“Chris’ practice in the twin cities has focused on both civil and criminal law. He has represented people in various areas of criminal defense, plaintiff personal injury, insurance defense, general contract defense and real estate and commercial litigation. In addition, he has been an AA arbitrator for many years.


I also want to stress that this man has been interested in basically working through the problems that people have in a way that does not make the adversary system destructive in resolving problems people have in our courts.


…Because of his age and experience, I am confident that he will in a very short time become one of our most effective and competent district judges.”

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